When packing your child for its first trip and trying to cause as little headache as possible to his or her teacher and to get as few phone calls as possible, you realize the importance of the little things in a parent’s life. Marking stickers, for example. Because it’s exactly when you need them the most, that you won’t find them in any drawer. Or they won’t stick. Or the pen won’t write on them. Or one of the hundred other “ors” that could happen.

What do we intend with this introduction? We simply wanted to explain how and why Baloo came into existence. We ourselves needed these products and we realized that our market didn’t allow us to purchase them as quickly and simply as we wanted without obtaining something of impaired quality. A circumstance that was to our advantage when we set off to realize our business idea was our yearlong family printing tradition and our knowledge of design, printing techniques and the possibilities available.

We knew what we wanted and how to do it.


And that’s how Baloo came into existence.

For the big little things.