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Marky clothing marking stamp


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Price:21,00 €

A NEW product is here! MARKY, our new charming clothing stamp, has arrived on the scene.

It’s the fastest way to label clothing, nursery items, school supplies, and other belongings of your child. Thanks to the special black textile ink, which has been dermatologically tested, you can label not only clothes and fabric but also paper, cardboard, and many other absorbent surfaces.

For labeling non-absorbent surfaces, the set includes self-adhesive white labels. These labels can be used to mark items such as drink bottles, food containers, pens, scissors, and other school supplies that cannot be directly labeled. The labels are dishwasher-safe.

To personalize dark fabrics, the set includes an iron-on thermal tape that can be ironed onto the clothing after stamping.


MARKY is available in three colors: pink, light blue and green. This set comes in an attractive cardboard packaging and includes a stamp with a friendly face, a thermal tape for dark fabrics, and selfadhesive labels. The cover that comes with the stamp allows you to carry it with you without worrying about it getting dirty.

MY MARKY comes with a personalized imprint size of 37 x 13 mm, and the set includes:

1 ink pad with black textile ink

1 meter of iron-on thermal tape

12 selfadhesive labels (size 40 x 10 mm)

8 selfadhesive labels (size 40 x 15 mm)



  1. Take out MARKY from the packaging.
  2. Click, open, and remove the cover.
  3. The black ink pad is already inserted in the stamp.
  4. You can use MARKY directly on light fabrics, paper, cardboard, shoes, and other absorbent surfaces. Do not wash the clothing for 24 hours after labeling.
  5. For personalizing dark fabrics, the set includes a thermal tape for ironing after stamping.
  6. MARKY selfadhesive labels are used for marking items such as drink bottles, food containers, and school supplies that cannot be directly labeled.

Marky Marky Marky