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Super Sticker Wall Decals + Growth Chart Sticker


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Price:30,00 €
226.04 kn

Decorating your children's room doesn't have to be complicated. No need for kneeling, no dripping paint, and cleaning afterward. With the help of our Super Sticker Wall Decals simply turn your child's room into a magic stage and inspire their imagination, creativity and active play.

Our wall decals come on eight A4 sheets and can be fitted to every room and wall. The stickers can easily be removed without leaving marks. Not only are they convenient but they're also reeeeally sweet: choose among our themes and personalize with name or text
to your willing.

Our charming growth chart sticker will help you watch your kids’ development and measure their height. The decals have strong adhesive properties and can be applied to walls and other flat surfaces, like glass or doors. They are suitable for children up to a height of 160 cm.

Space traveller, ZOO, Teddy, Sweaty, Unicorn and Superheroes are there to make childhood days even happier!



Dear parents, although our stickers are made from high quality materials and although they´re safe to use, make sure that you apply them and that your child uses them safely.

In the case of smaller children (3 years old and younger) make sure you apply the decal on the places above their reach or the places you will have under constant supervision. The sets contain small pieces that child could swallow so keep in mind recommended instructions.

If a sticker is damaged or hanging loose, remove it to avoid swallowing.


Application instructions


  • The stickers come in set of eight A4 sheets
  • The decals in the set are precutted and prepared for application
  • Every set contains two name stickers
  • Clean the surface out of any dirt and grease. If you are applying the decals on the wall, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • Simply peel off the stickers from the backing paper and press tham on the wall
  • Apply the sticker with even pressure and make sure there are no air bubbles and loose corners.
  • Avoid placing stickers on edges and corners of surface to make sure they adhere to surface evenly and do not come off.
  • The stickers are made from high quality materials with high quality adhesive which will not come down or damage the walls
  • If you want to remove them, the process is simple and does not damage the walls


  • Clean the surface out of any dirt and grease. If you are applying the decal on the wall, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • Mark application area on the wall, lowest point 50 cm from the floor and highest point 160 cm from the floor.
  • Peel the first 20 cm of the decal off the backing paper. For smooth application fold paper firmly.
  • Place the decal on marked points on the wall and press the first 20 cm to the wall, work your way from top to bottom.
  • Pull the paper gently down while pressing decal to the wall until it has completely adhered to the surface.